Newsletter May 2019



Struttura scolastica con assistenza a bambini e ragazzi in situazione di handicap

Aide aux enfants avec handicap physique et mental

Teaching structure for mentally and physically challenged children


Hello ,

For Munsel school, the new year started with moving into the new premises of the building in Choglamsar, which are already fit for use. Mid-March,  respecting the official Ladakhi calendar, 23 students and 8 teachers took up their school activities punctually and with great enthusiasm.

In the new centre, a small house was built, in the local tradition, for the caretaker. Rabin, a Nepalese, will be living there all the year round. In addition to taking care of the garden, he will also be in charge of preparing the meals and the teas. The three oldest students, Rigzin, Chemat and Diskit will be helping him. The project is aiming at their gradual integration as well as opening the possibility for other young adults who have been taken charge of and assisted at Munsel school since a  young age to be taken care of without interruption in a training of better quality. They will carry out some practical jobs and will receive a symbolic salary.


In the future, Munsel school will continue being at the disposal of professional volunteers who are experienced in teaching special needs and who are aiming at cooperating with our teachers either in staff training or in the practical running of the school: the tourist visa available for India is valid for a maximum of three months.


In parallel, we will carry on our twinning with the Fondation Verdeil (CH) , which was launched at their 60th anniversary, a foundation whom we would like to thank once again for their precious support.  In this context, we would like to draw your attention to the three showings of the documentary à l'école des philosophes by Fernand Melgar. This film is showing in a poetic way the singularity of the foundation and the viewigs are scheduled for May 21, 22 and 23 in Ticino (see billboard).



Wishing the Munsel school all the best for the new school year and thanking you from the bottom of our heart for having always supported our projects and thus helping us realize this new stage!



 Julay! Mara








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