Struttura scolastica con assistenza a bambini e ragazzi in situazione di handicap

Aide aux enfants avec handicap physique et mental

Teaching structure for mentally and physically challenged children



Newsletter summer 2021




Dear friends of the Munsel School, 

We have been long sending you this letter, since, unfortunately, at the beginning of summer we wouldn't have been able to give you any good news: the pandemic situation in Ladakh hadn't improved, the lockdown was still implemented, our school had also had to close and our pupils hadn't been able to attend for more than a year.

But: here we are with some good news at long last: the school is about to open and we have found water in the basement!

Corona has loosened its grip somewhat and we should be able to welcome students from the first half of this month on. We are waiting for the instructions from the government.  It will be a partial restart with two groups at half time, but at least the doors will open and the premises will be revived.

In the meantime, the teachers will continue their distance-teaching.


All the families have had pedagogical support all along, it is the teachers' responsibility to help them and to propose an individual programme adapted to their needs and the capacities of each individual student by means of various activities, tasks and videos.


The two buses also had to interrupt their transportation service.

Even the new bus generously offered by the Verdeil Foundation of the canton de Vaud is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the children.


As for the work organization, during the period of restrictions and suspension of  teaching in class, three of our teachers were able to follow a further education course organized by the Ministry of Education in July. Subsequently, they invited 25 regular teachers to visit Munsel. They all showed a great enthusiasm for our work and for the personalized programmes.


Another good news concerning our building-site: the boring has finally been successful and a water source has been found!

The water, which up to now has had to be delivered by tankers can now be pumped from the basement: a vast improvement for the quality of everyday life at school!


Watch video:

>> Tibetan monk accompanying the procedure to start drilling

>> Water finally gushing out of the ground after long hours of drilling


 The Munsel Association has also been strongly affected by the pandemic and, for a year now, we haven't been able to organize any public events permitting us to raise funds.

However, both the Swiss Committee and the Ladakhi Committee have been active throughout this period. 

The two Committees meet regularly with their respective members in order to discuss urgent issues and future projects.


Our thanks go to all those loyal to our association, those who have supported us and are supporting us still.

Wishing you all a wonderful en-of-summer time!