Like every spring, a new school year has started in Ladakh, but not in person. Also at Munsel school the lessons are held at a distance, in compliance with the regulations issued by the Government. The cases of contagion in the Leh region are very limited, but on the increase and as a precaution, the authorities have not yet authorized the return to the courtroom.

The teachers organized themselves to intensify contacts with families. All are doing well and regularly go to the new Choglamsar center to prepare individual programs. The work has been divided so that each of them is the reference point for 3-4 students and can develop the objectives set by collaborating directly above all with the parents of users with greater difficulties.

Mara also maintains contact from Friborg through video calls that allow her to supervise the activity and stay close to all the staff active on site. Together they are also developing a series of new creative projects, designed to involve and stimulate even more children forced to stay at home.