This summer Mara Casella (to the right) is back to Leh.

He accompanied Mrs Claudine Gremion (at the Center).

Together they worked for a few days even with Christine Peissard (on the left), the professor specializing in various areas of education for minors who was about to return to Switzerland after three months of volunteer work.

All three were accepted with affection to Munsel School where, with great satisfaction from parents, the activity continues at full throttle.

Claudine collaborated actively especially in the training of teachers.


Mara also met Dr. Ladhol, which remains one of the most important reference points for all draft Munsel Society and is the charismatic Chairperson of ladakhi.



Mara, Claudine and Christine have paid a visit to Photoksar school:
the students were welcomed by presenting local dance enthusiastically.