Also Munsel School remains closed to children and families. Due to the health emergency that has struck the whole planet, in Ladakh all schools are still shut and teachers are doing their best to keep in contact with the families. They bring homework at home, they try to guarantee the simplest exercises of physiotherapy at home and, above all, they support the parents of the particularly fragile children suffering from more serious pathologies.

In the meantime and, as expected, at the new centre of Choglamasar there is the new driver- caretaker. His tasks are mostly of maintenance and surveillance. The final touches are going on and electricity has been connected. While waiting to assess the setting up of a pumping system, at the moment, water is provided by tankers.

Concerning the projects calendar forseen for this year, Mara had to put off her journey. She should have left these days to spend three months in Lee where she would have been joined by volunteers of the Verdeil Foundation. The twinning, started in 2018, continues actively and the mission has been postponed to sumer 2021.