November 2016

In late November, as usual, Munsel School closed its doors because winter comes quickly. All schools in Ladakh suspend activities until the middle of March of the following year due to the extremely cold temperatures, which can drop even below -20 degrees.

Our students usually remain in the Leh region with their families. Only a privileged few can afford air travel, which is the only way to get out of the country during the colder season.
The teachers always prepare a series of tasks or other activities during long holidays, and kids who receive them I am very proud of.

Those who subscribe to Munsel School the usually attends regularly and willingly.

In 2016 we welcomed around 18 students with experiences, conditions and extremely varied characteristics. We formed groups according to age differences: the eldest is always Rigzin, which has already taken 20 years, while among the newcomers on the smaller Thalam, which only has two and a half years.

Thanks to the volunteers that also this year have moved on to Leh and in close collaboration with Kunzang, our head, we revised pedagogical objectives with respect to each individual need. In practice, we work with 18 units applying 18 different custom programs. We start from the practical teaching, which has as a priority the attainment of the highest level of autonomy, to arrive – when possible – to provide even more complex notions, intended for those who are physically disabled, but has a capacity of normal learning or discreet. The concept of inclusive education for children and young people in difficulty in fact does not exist, and we are the only ones who take action in a concrete and proactive in this field of education.

Hoping to meet you in person at one of the upcoming events during which we will inform you about the latest news, thank you again and again for the valuable support and interest that continue to demonstrate towards our projects

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