Struttura scolastica con assistenza a bambini e ragazzi in situazione di handicap

Aide aux enfants avec handicap physique et mental

Teaching structure for mentally and physically challenged children



Good morning everybody !


In the last few hours India has announced

the first incisive measures to stem the pandemic.


Also in Ladakh, particularly restrictive action will be taken
and the introduction of a curfew is not to be ruled out.


Munsel School will stay closed for a long time but it remains a steady reference point for families.

It’ll offer support and consultation especially regarding practical information and advice on how to protect oneself from infection

and how to avoid the spreading of the new coronavirus.


At the moment, we know that both
the children and the staff are well.

Closeness, sharing and friendship are more than ever important and essential:

we have confirmed them full solidarity also on your part!



We’ll keep you posted!


Munsel Society Switzerland