Struttura scolastica con assistenza a bambini e ragazzi in situazione di handicap

Aide aux enfants avec handicap physique et mental

Teaching structure for mentally and physically challenged children



Newsletter summer 2020



It's summer time in Ladakh, too , and - like all over the world - the pandemic is affecting the social and professional life alike. The central government in Delhi has sealed the borders, the lock-down is still in vigour and the schools are closed.

The Munsel society, who had cancelled all the trips and missions that had been planned a long time ago, is in clote contact with Leh. The news which we receive and which we would like to share with you are very reassuring: the students, the teachers and the employees are all well and are doing their best to keep up their learning progress and to pursue their further education, all the while respecting the rules of social distancing.

Even during this difficult period, the staff has been in close touch with the families. The teachers, in particular, have been very eager to keep helping the clients.

The teachers take the homework to the students' homes, while the parents take care of the physiotherapy.

At the new Choglamsar center, Rigzin and Diskit work as helps in the garden. They are part of our first small group of young adults, which also comprises their mate Chemat. All three are over 20 years old. They had joined our school at a very young age and are now following intergration programmes  which have been especially designed for them by the Munsel school.
Each one of them will also receive a small symbolic salary.


For the new school year 2020-21, we will accommodate 24 students in all, who will be supported by 8 teachers. One of them has just been hired. As soon as we are allowed to re-open the school, the new programme, which has been set up thanks to the more generous space now at out disposal, will be launched.



For the first time, we have been able to form a separate group for autistic children. Generally, all classes will be organised according to the students' age, their scholastic level and  their learning progress.

The main goal is always to make sure that the teaching is adapted to the individual needs, always keeping in mind difficulties such as mobility problems.


For the first time, too, our teachers will be collaborating with the hospital in Leh, where they will be taking students twice a week for physiotherapy sessions.


Due to the increasing number of students joining our school, the issue of transport also had to be tackled. The Verdeil Foundation, active in the canton of Vaud, has helped us with a substantial donation to buy a new bus. A second driver has been hired and will be living in a garden shed in his function as caretaker. The first driver is still in charge of the cooking and is responsible for taking care of the lunch.


Collecting funds, even the smallest contributions, has always been one of the pillars of all the projects we have been able to consolidate in the course of the last couple of years. We would like to thank all those who have been supporting us even throughout the period where no activities have been possible, due to Covid 19.


account number CH38 0900 0000 6946 3217 6


For the time being, we are restricted to informing you via our newsletters, while nevertheless hoping to meet you personally soon, during events and activities we will be happy to propose as soon as the circumstances allow it.


For further delails and updates, we refer to our website, where you will find new pictures and video clips realized recently by the teachers during their calls at the students' homes.


Thank you once again for your help and your support

Wishing you a very pleasant summer, as far as possible!