Struttura scolastica con assistenza a bambini e ragazzi in situazione di handicap

Aide aux enfants avec handicap physique et mental

Teaching structure for mentally and physically challenged children



Merry Christmas!


It is winter time in Ladakh and the pandemic has a strong impact on both the social and professional life of the country. The borders are closed to foreigners and the lock-down is still in place.

Like other school establishments, Munsel school has been closed during the entire school period (from March to December 2020).


… but the garden and the premises haven't been neglected!

Our association has stayed in close contact with our friends and employees in Leh.

The news that we receive regularly are reassuring : the pupils, the teachers and the employees are all well and are already planning the next school year. Even during this delicate period, the staff has been able to keep in touch with the pupils and their parents regularly.

Right now, the teachers are preparing the tasks and activities which are designed to help the families during the winter period.


2020 has been, like in numerous parts of the world, a particularly difficult year and the parents of our pupils have often expressed the wish that their children might be able to return to school.

This has unfortunately not been possible. However, grace to the fact that the teachers have kept up their support and contact with the families, albeit from a distance, the work that had been done before the lock-down wasn't lost.

In education, and even more so in special education, the results are not apparent immediately, but are only achieved over time.

Thanks to the good stimulation job the teachers and the kinesitherapist had done before March and grace to the dedication of the families and to the assiduous collaboration, our pupils have been able to make progress and to reach important goals even during their confinement; such as little Aseya, who has learned to walk over the last couple of months (you can watch the film on our website).


For all the parents of our students, the work done by the staff of our school signifies a very important support on all levels and we can imagine the joy once everyone is able to return to Munsel, after the long period of shut-down... we are counting on it and we hope so!


We also hope that next year, the frontiers will be opened again and that Munsel school will be able to welcome  volunteers and visitors.


Raising funds has always been the cornerstone of every project we have been able to realize and every contribution, whether small or big, is crucial. We would like to thank all those who wish to continue their support and,  hopefully, we'll be able to meet them again after this long pause due to the emergency caused by the pandemic.

The account number is CH38 0900 0000 6946 3217 6


For further details and updates, please consult our website, where you will find new pictures and video clips.


THANK you once again for your support and your friendship as well as the wish to spend Christmas in a spirit of joy, a different Christmas this year, but full of peacefulness nevertheless.


Happy Holidays!