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of construction
of a new school

Among the major initiatives for the future figures
the construction of the new Munsel School.
The building site has already been started in anticipation
0f the expiration of the lease of the premises
and of the terrain of the current antiquated headquarters.
The project has been honed in 2017 in collaboration
with the local Committee and with the group of parents.
Their increased autonomy remains
one of the main objectives.
The fundraising also relies on small amounts
that will allow both to complete the artifacts
and to buy furniture and other utensils.

Each ever so small offer is appreciated and valuable
in order to keep the school alive

To enable everyone to participate
in this great new project we have planned
countless possibilities of sponsorship and donations:

You can find more details in the file
and you can choose from our shopping list

For more information: info@munselsocietyleh.org

Help us make our dream come true!

You can choose among different ways to contribute to our project. Every small gesture or contribution will help us in this work that will leave a positive mark in many Ladakhi households .

Are you, as a company or association, interested in an important donation that will leave a mark on time?

>>> See the various options available: any donations will be duly accompanied by a label that is affixed to the school entrance.

You can contribute to the purchase of other items, utensils, materials or supplies with modest sums:

Here are some examples for which you can >>> donate directly an amount via Paypal.

Price in CHF. Allows you to purchase
10.- 2 pots for the kitchen
10.- 2 chairs
10.- 1 set of dishes, cutlery and glasses
20. – 1 set of table linen
20. – 8 bags of cement
20. –
1 LED lamp
20. – 2 carpets
1 small window (including the frame)
2 flip charts
4 cabinets
1 kitchen cabinet
4 school desks
1 large window
1 inside door
1 entrance (outside) door
1 month supply for the pantry

Direct donation

Object of the donation
Any communications


Contact form

Custom donation

You want to help with a major or customized donation ? We offer sponsorship opportunities for which you can choose from a direct donation or by contacting the Committee of the Munsel Society.

Contact form
Price in CHF Allows us to design/build Donor/Sponsor Current status
CA. 32 ' 970.-
Purchase of land not assigned
CA. 5 ' 000.- Pit and water pump
Municipal drinking water company Common Tenero-Contra
CA. 4 ' 420.- Classroom for teaching 1 not assigned
CA. 4 ' 420.- Classroom for teaching 2 not assigned
CA. 4 ' 420.- Classroom for teaching 3 not assigned
CA. 5 ' 230.- Sensory classroom 4 not assigned
CA. 6 ' 280.- Courtyard (garden, ramp, access corridor) not assigned
CA. 9 ' 420.- Multipurpose Hall not assigned
CA. 5 ' 600.- staff room not assigned
CA. 6 ' 400.- Kitchen and pantry not assigned
CA. 6 ' 280.- Office and lobby not assigned
CA. 8 ' 900.- En-suite toilet not assigned
CA. 1 ' 310.- Garage not assigned
CA. 2 ' 450.- Terrain preparation not assigned
CA. 2 ' 810.- Electrical installations not assigned
CA. 2 ' 700.- Installing water pump and tank not assigned
CA. 570.- Septic tank not assigned
CA. 13 ' 000.- Finishing (painting, plaster, floors, doors and windows) not assigned

The new school plan prepared by studio d & #8217; local architecture

Side view of the new school