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The donations are
the cornerstones of the building site

The conception of the project of the new school stands out among the main initiatives of the agenda for 2018.

The work on the building site in Choglamsar, which had to be put on hold in winter, will be taken up again in March 2019 upon the arrival of the seasonal workers.

The search for sponsors and the procurement of means necessary for both the completion of the construction work and the furnishings are equally continuing in view of Christmas.

The last part of the construction work will resume in March upon the arrival of the seasonal workers.

Even those wishing to participate with small contributions can choose among a large selection of specific donations, which will be honoured by a series of nameplates and certificates.
If you wish to contribute towards the finishing work and the furnishings:

you find more details in the file
and you can choose from our shopping list

For more information: info@munselsocietyleh.org

A construction site to build a future!

We continue raising funds for the completion of the construcion work and furnishing of the new school in Choglamsar.

Various events aimed at making the Munsel School known to the public, markets and Christmas gifts as well as any kind of offers contribute in a significant way to consolitade the construction site.

Either in the above mentioned way of through private donors who wish so, donations can also be certified by a series of name plates by the entrance to the building

>>> options available

It is also possible to participate with small contributions and by choosing among a large selection of specific furnishings, kitchen utensils and supplies:

shopping list >>> donating directly through Paypal

Amounts in CHF Kitchen utensils, furniture, building material
10.- 2 pots for the kitchen
10.- 2 chairs
10.- 1 set of dishes, cutlery and glasses
20. – 1 set of table linen
20. – 8 bags of cement
20. –
1 LED lamp
20. – 2 carpets
1 small window (including the frame)
2 flip charts
4 cabinets
1 kitchen cabinet
4 school desks
1 large window
1 inside door
1 entrance (outside) door
1 month supply for the pantry

Direct donation

Object of the donation
Any communications

Contact form

Custom donation

To help bear the costs by making a payment via PayPal or personal cheque or more substantial donations,
you can either make a direct donation or contact the Munsel Society

Contact form
Amounts in CHF Basic costs
CA. 32 ' 970.-
Purchase of land
CA. 5 ' 000.- Pit and water pump
CA. 4 ' 420.- Classroom for teaching 1
CA. 4 ' 420.- Classroom for teaching 2
CA. 4 ' 420.- Classroom for teaching 3
CA. 5 ' 230.- Sensory classroom 4
CA. 6 ' 280.- Courtyard (garden, ramp, access corridor)
CA. 9 ' 420.- Multipurpose Hall
CA. 5 ' 600.- staff room
CA. 6 ' 400.- Kitchen and pantry
CA. 6 ' 280.- Office and lobby
CA. 8 ' 900.- En-suite toilet
CA. 1 ' 310.- Garage
CA. 2 ' 450.- Terrain preparation
CA. 2 ' 810.- Electrical installations
CA. 2 ' 700.- Installing water pump and tank
CA. 570.- Septic tank
CA. 13 ' 000.- Finishing (painting, plaster, floors, doors and windows)

A project plan realized by a local architecture office