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The Munsel School was opened in 2008 at 3,500 meters above sea level in Leh, capital of Ladakh, near the Himalayan range, to give pupils a personalised programme, based on individual needs and intellectual skills, in order to encourage greater autonomy and better quality of life also for children with serious illnesses, and to give practical support to families , who have no other locations or occasions of meeting and confrontation.
Working with people suffering from severe mental retardation takes place mainly in a relational, sensory and practical context. The other students of the school are taught basic skills: recognizing numbers, colours and letters of the alphabet, doing the sums and composing some simple words.
The commitment in Ladakh is also marked by cooperation with other neighbourhood groups , in order to to increase the skills and ensure the highest quality : for Munsel School the main goal is to maintain a solid foundation for the continuity of projects.


  • to provide concrete support for the Munsel School in Leh, the capital of Ladakh. The school is attended by physically and mentally handicapped children aged between four and sixteen years

  • to train local people in the field of special-school teaching, providing the knowledge and tools necessary to enable them to take over the running of the school at a later date

  • to help the inhabitants of the more outlying villages to stimulate social, scholastic and economic development through the organization of back-up trekking at fair prices

  • to co-operate with Swiss institutions engaged in the training of special-school teachers, offering the students the possibility of undertaking part of their diploma course in Ladakh

  • respecting the environment and building codes concerning the construction, extension
    the use of classrooms and occupation of different spaces