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All offers are very welcome

and as they help to pay running costs

provide a more solid financial base for the future.

General donations

Our Postfinance account:

CH 6500 Bellinzona – TI
IBAN: CH 38 0900 00000 6946 3217 6

or use the option below:

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Support and collaboration initiatives

Evenings, dinners with friends, markets, exhibitions, slide shows and other meetings

serve to inform, Update and raise money.

Cooperation at practical activities (translations, secretarial work and help in the preparation of events, ...) is always very useful and appreciated.

Those who wish to make themselves available also only intermittently can announce themselves by writing to info@munselsocietyleh.org

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There are many people with different professional background, experience and motivations that have already offered their valuable contribution to Munsel School as volunteers.

We are always open to cooperation with those who are active in the field of education or special therapies (occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, music therapists, ...) also to train the team and local teachers, who work with the mentally and physically disabled.

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New school sponsorship

The peak among our major initiatives on the agenda 2016 is the general project for the new school, in view of the end of the rental contract for the present schoolbuilding and land.

The documents for the purchase and sale of the new land have been completed, and our main task for the near future will be the search of sponsors.

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