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Munsel Society Leh

Mara Casella, Professor of special education, has had a long journey
also on the personal interior level, to fulfill her dream: she moved
from Switzerland to work with disabled children in Ladakh in the Northern Himalaya
con i bambini disabili.

Respecting the culture and local traditions she built
the small Munsel school Munsel. The name meaning "leaving the dark –
leaving ignorance"was chosen on the recommendation of a Lama.

2018 is an important year because it marks the tenth anniversary
of the inauguration of the first seat and the start of the construction site of the future
reception centre in Choglamsar.


Who we are

We are a Swiss group of friends of Ladakh, the circle of which is growing bigger and bigger, even beyond the Swiss boarders. These people endeavour in various ways to help disabled children and youngsters of Ladakh with an appropriate school.

What do we do

The volunteer group created in Switzerland helps and supports the projects of Mara Casella for the most isolated villagers. The group keeps growing and directs their actions towards the continuity of projects, thus providing the local population with the knowledge and tools necessary for the future autonomous run.


How to help us

It is your contributions (of any size and shape) that have allowed Munsel School to become a successful and concrete project.

if you want to become part of the project and help us to continue on this path, you can do so with donations , fundraising and other initiatives. For the most adventurous among you there is the option of an internship or of volunteer work on site.

Where we operate

Munsel School is located near the airport, a few kilometres from the Centre of Leh, the capital of Ladakh. The country, crossed by the Hindu Holy River, is the northernmost of the States of India. The summits of this predominantly desert strip of land exceed 7,000 m.
The surface is about twice that of Switzerland.


Latest news

The school year 2018 has begun

25, March, 2018|Comments Off on The school year 2018 has begun

Over the past few days in Leh also Munsel School reopened its doors as usual [...]

Parents ' day

08, October, 2017|Comments Off on Parents ' day

Again this year the usual feast day dedicated to parents took place between traditional dances and meetings. Everyone participated with enthusiasm and as always the students prepared with great [...]

A construction site for the future

01, October, 2017|Comments Off on A construction site for the future

The construction work of the future Munsel School will be completed by the fall of 2018 . Construction advances rapidly and with great satisfaction to the Ladakhi Committee, which has taken [...]

Postcards from Leh

23, September, 2017|Comments Off on Postcards from Leh

This summer Mara Casella (right) came back to Leh. She was accompanied Mrs Claudine Gremion (Center). [...]

On their way in Ladakh

08, August, 2017|Comments Off on On their way in Ladakh

This summer many people visited Munsel School during their passage in Ladakh. We thank the group from Italy for the material and the generous donation.

Activity at Munsel School

07, September, 2017|Comments Off on Activity at Munsel School

Munsel school activities are continuing. Large and small participate enthusiastically especially at dances and games. The dance is one of the most important aggregation tasks. Even during the traditional [...]


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