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Munsel Society Leh

Mara Casella, Professor of special education, has had a long journey
also on the personal interior level, to fulfill her dream: she moved
from Switzerland to work with disabled children in Ladakh in the Northern Himalaya
con i bambini disabili.

Respecting the culture and local traditions she built
the small Munsel school .. The name meaning "leaving the dark –
leaving ignorance"was chosen on the recommendation of a Lama.

2018 is an important year because it marks the tenth anniversary
of the inauguration of the first seat and the start of the construction site of the future
reception centre in Choglamsar.


News Flash

RSI tells about Munsel School at "Storie"

30, October, 2018|Comments Off on RSI tells about Munsel School at "Storie"

In Ladakh winter is upon us and at the end of November will end another school year: the tenth since the inception of the first small home to Munsel School! We will reopen Monday, March 18. The move into the new building, [...]

Big party for the new building

September 16, 2018|Comments Off on Big party for the new building

To present the new building that in 2019 will host the Munsel School a large and symbolic celebration was organized. The construction has come quickly to a close: parents, teachers as well as some senior representatives of [...]

At the cinema with Munsel School

05, August, 2018|Comments Off on At the cinema with Munsel School

The 71st edition of Locarno Festival presents ,at the école des Philosphes, the touching Swiss movie dedicated to a class of children with Sen. Saturday morning 11 August to Palexpo (former Palazzetto Fevi) at [...]

Work in progress

30, July, 2018|Comments Off on Work in progress

This has been a busy summer: the construction of the new Munsel School in Choglamsar has progressed rapidly. Many volunteers have made their valuable contribution also directly on the construction site, according to ancient local traditions, [...]


We invite you to actively participate in our activities

Appointment at the cinema

11 August 2018 - 11 August 2019

Who we are

We are a Swiss group of friends of Ladakh, the circle of which is growing bigger and bigger, even beyond the Swiss boarders. These people endeavour in various ways to help disabled children and youngsters of Ladakh with an appropriate school.

What do we do

The spontaneous group, which was formed in Switzerland , contributes towards the development of the projects launched by Mara Casella in 2005 aiming at also supporting the inhabitants of the most isolated villages.

The Munsel Society is actually focusing its work on the continuity and the quality of the initiatives by supplying the local population with the know-how and the tools necessary for a future autonomous management.


How you can help us

Donations – Every contribution (however small) and all the initiatives aiming at making our projects known to the public have enabled Munsel School to continue developing

Events – Benefit dinners, small markets, information evenings, slideshows and other events enhancing encounters and moments of sharing have been the cornerstones of all our activities

Voluntary Work – we are always open to cooperation with ergotherapists, physiotherapistes, music therapists as well as, for ther practical jobs: gardening, repair

Where we operate

Munsel School is located near the airport, a few kilometres from the Centre of Leh, the capital of Ladakh. The country, crossed by the Hindu Holy River, is the northernmost of the States of India. The summits of this predominantly desert strip of land exceed 7,000 m.
The surface is about twice that of Switzerland.