Will be completed by the fall of 2018 the construction work of the future Munsel School.
Construction advances rapidly and with great satisfaction of the ladakhi Committee, which took on the supervision of the project, making a first significant step towards autonomy.
In anticipation of the move, the teachers have already been entrusted with more responsibility in managing the school pedagogical and administrative level.

The new school will be built near Choglamsar, a village near Leh.
Large and bright spaces will be designed and equipped so as to ensure the necessary safety, quality and functionality to all users, including those with the most severe disease.

At the construction site of the new school has already been organized also a ladakhi propitiatory ritual to bless the work according to ancient local tradition.

Registration will be open to a larger number of children and teenagers in difficulty.
The school can also accommodate students currently living too far.

The new Munsel School will improve also the integration of adolescents and young adults: they will be involved in practical work both in the kitchen, where they will learn to cooperate
the preparation of meals; both in cleaning and maintenance of buildings and grounds.

The fundraising has already been started: details and other information >>>