Negli scorsi giorni a Leh anche Munsel School ha riaperto come di consueto i battenti dopo la lunga pausa delle vacanze invernali.

Everybody still wears warm clothes and sweaters against the still pungent cold and despite the coats and scarves being a bit clumsy, they have resumed their activities with enthusiasm!

The year 2018 is also important because the construction of the future shelter in Choglamsar is due to begin. The very rough, dry and windy weather partly affects the maintenance costs. The current premises are now antiquated and in anticipation

of the expirration of the lease a new building has been conceived and designed already some time ago: it will be larger, better insulated and with always adequate standards of quality and safety.

Thanks to the more central location, it will makes it possible to accommodate a greater number of students, including those from remote villages, and will meet the growing demand of entries. The intent is to proceed in stages and wisely to meet the continuous demand for support from families confronted with the problem of disability, which are already part of current service offerings, support and training.